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       【Company Profile】 SHENGYI TECHNOLOGY(SHAANXI)CO., LTD. located in HI-Tech Development Zone Xianyang ,Shaanxi Province. and was established in Dec.2000 ,has registered captital of 2.04 hundreds million yuan. and the wholly owned subsidiary of the SHENGYI TECHNOLOGY Co.,LTD.

         We specialize in research, manufacture and operate in copper clad laminate(CCL). It also have technicians who Have been engaged for a lot of years in the CCL production management and technology R & D team. In 2009 the company was evaluated high-tech enterprise, the company's technology center in 2012 was evaluated provincial-level enterprise technical centers. 

         SHENGYI TECHNOLOGY(SHAANXI)CO., LTD. and SHENGYI TECHNOLOGY Co.,LTD. will implement the development strategy of sameness in management and diversity in product .The sameness showing the management ,technology, production standards and sales serves are same as SHENGYI TECHNOLOGY Co.,LTD.And SHENGYI TECHNOLOGY(SHAANXI)CO., LTD. will be built to become a production base with obvious features for composite CCL(copper clad laminate).

         "Provide timely products and services to meet customer requirements and continuously improve its quality" of all our employees to abide by the principle of quality. SHENGYI TECHNOLOGY(SHAANXI)CO., LTD. is developing with a steady pace of the rapid development.

         【Company’s development】 
          1.Company Founded in Dec.28 2000 for Shaanxi Shengyi huadian Sci.tech co.,Ltd.
          2. And obtain ISO9001 certificate in January 2001, And applied SAP R/3 ERP in May of the same year.
          3. Shaanxi Shengyi hua dian Sci.tech co.,Ltd change the name to Shaanxi Shengyi Sci.tech co.,Ltd in Aril 2006.
          4. Obtain ISO14001 certificate in the year of 2007.
          5.Obtain the DNV ISO/TS16949 certificate and SONY GP certificate in the year of 2008.
          6. Update to EIP,the management level be advanced better.
          7.The 5th Expansion completed in July 2010,the annual output increased to 10 million square meters.
          8.December 27, 2010, the Guangdong Shengyi Sci.Tech Co.,Ltd acquired Shaanxi Shengyi Huadian Materials Corporation holds a 31.65% stake in Shaanxi ShengYi ,then SHENGYI TECHNOLOGY(SHAANXI)CO., LTD. become a wholly owned subsidiary of the SHENGYI TECHNOLOGY Co.,LTD.

         【Production introduction】
          The leading product is composite epoxy CCL as CEM-1 and CEM-3, Flame retardant epoxy fiberglass cloth CCL (FR-4), thick copper base and aluminum with high thermal conductivity CCL.which are widely applied in telecommunication equipment, automotive and various higer-lever electrical products.The products have reached the American IPC-4101C standard and UL certificate, and have obtained DNV IS9001,ISO14001,ISO/TS16949 certificates and established information safety management system ISO\IEC27001.